"These photos made me feel beautiful for the first time in 7 years" - Real reviews of Chicago Boudoir Photography

Hello Chicago!

How’s everyone doing? I saw online that this warmish February weather is called “Fool’s Spring,” which I think is a good description. It was like 45 this afternoon, but then the low teens by this evening, so who even knows! I’m SO DONE with winter, I’ll tell you that!!

I wanted to share a couple of text/ emails that I’ve gotten from clients recently. So many of the women that come into the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio end up telling me that the photo shoot was so much more than a photo shoot. It was an empowering, confidence-building, sexually-recharging, even life-altering experience!

Read some of the notes that I’ve received lately:


In case you can’t read the screen shots, here is what they say:

“Liz-I cannot begin to thank you for one of the most fantastic and amazing days of my life! Sometimes life gets so busy and being a mom it’s hard to make time for oneself. But today I am so blessed to have spent the morning with you. You made me feel so wonderful, beautiful and sexy and that is truly a one of a kind empowering feeling! Thank you! I can’t wait to choose my photos (even though they all are my favorite. Thank you!”

“Liz was the most amazing person to work with. I have never felt so beautiful and sexy in my life! Thank you Liz for an amazing opportunity! You were wonderful at making me feel like the best me possible!”

“Thank you again Liz! You made it so stress free and hyped me up the whole time. The pictures are amazing, I keep looking at them!!”

“These photos made me feel beautiful for the first time in 7 years!”

“So… I am so sexually recharged, it is crazy. I’ve never felt this way before. I think the pictures have helped me see my body and myself in a different way and have given me helluva lot of confidence. I also absolutely love watching my husband look at the pictures too. We are both so incredibly grateful to you. Thank you!”

I don’t post these to toot my own horn, but rather to just show you that boudoir can be an amazingly empowering experience! It’s more than a photo shoot. Ready to experience it yourself? Get in touch! 312.448.8889. Can’t wait to hear from you! xo Liz