At Chicago Boudoir Photography, we use a 4-star approach to getting gorgeous images of EVERY woman:

1) Wardrobe - Before your shoot, we'll send you a prep guide with tips on where to shop and what to bring.  When you get to the boudoir studio, we'll help you select the best pieces to wear and help you accessorize. Don’t know where to shop? Check out our lingerie shopping guide HERE. We’ve also got tips about what kinds of outfits to bring to your shoot HERE.

2) Lighting - We use the gorgeous natural light that streams through our studio windows as well as professional studio lights to create flattering light on your body and skin. Some photographers will tell you that they are “all natural light photographers” and never use studio lights because studio lighting will look bad. Here’s the truth - a photographer who thinks studio lighting looks bad just doesn’t know how to use studio lights properly! Also, a photographer who doesn’t use studio lighting is really limiting your options. What if it’s a really cloudy day when you have your session booked? You don’t want lame photos just because your photographer doesn’t know how to compensate for a cloudy day! At Chicago Boudoir, we’ve got you covered with beautiful lighting no matter what! Check out our gallery to see examples of gorgeous lighting.

3) Posing - During your shoot, we will show you exactly how to stand, what to do with your hands and what to do with your face.  We won't let you fail! You don’t need to have “moves” or know what to do. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

4) Photoshop - We won't do anything crazy like pasting your face on someone else's body, but we will use a pinch of Photoshop magic on every boudoir photo to make you look your best! Retouching of your images is always included! We are happy to edit out acne, wrinkles, cellulite and overall make you look fabulous.

We all have those little thoughts in our head that say things like: “When I lose 5 more lbs,” or “I can’t show my stomach” etc etc etc. But really these are just excuses to having the experiences in life you that you deserve! We are the boudoir experts here at Chicago Boudoir. One of the great things about our studio is that you get to see your photos before you buy. There is absolutely no obligation.

Can’t wait to have YOU in the boudoir studio!

xo Liz