Real client photos at Chicago Boudoir Photography

Have you ever thought about doing a boudoir shoot?

Sometimes women look at a boudoir photography site and might think, “All the photos on that site must be of models. I could never do a boudoir shoot. If I did a shoot, I wouldn’t look that good” etc etc.

But here at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio, we only post photos of REAL women, REAL clients who have come into the studio for a REAL boudoir shoot experiences. Not models. Just real women who want to feel empowered and confident at the studio.

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Personalizing Your Boudoir Photo Shoot with Meaningful Items - Chicago Boudoir Photography

I always encourage my clients to bring something to personalize their boudoir photo shoot, such as a mug, a meaningful piece of jewelry, a sports jersey or their wedding shoes. Bringing a personal item makes your boudoir shoot all the more meaningful for you and/or your significant other. It can add color, meaning and spice to your boudoir pictures!

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Chicago Boudoir Photography featured in Rebellious Women Magazine

Chicago Boudoir Photography was featured in Chicago’s Rebellious Magazine today! Rebellious Magazine delivers a unique feminist perspective on Chicago news, events, politics and culture through original articles, essays and interviews. We support women-owned and women-operated businesses and organizations through editorial coverage and business partnerships.

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Retouching at Chicago Boudoir Photography

At Chicago Boudoir Photography, we rely primarily on posing and lighting during your shoot to make you look amazing. We’ll also professionally retouch each of your photos for a flawless look. Retouching doesn’t mean that we’re going to Photoshop your head onto someone else’s body or use SnapChat filters on your face. The whole point of boudoir is to celebrate your unique beauty! But we will apply realistic retouching on each of your photos to make sure that you look your best.

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