3 Reasons You Should Choose a Boudoir Specialist Over Someone Who Dabbles!

Hello! If you’re looking into getting a boudoir photo shoot done, pay attention to something - is the photographer a boudoir specialist, or do they just dabble in boudoir? Do they have a dedicated boudoir photography site? How often do they shoot boudoir? Many photographers will agree to shoot boudoir photos for you, but they don’t specialize in boudoir.

Here are three reasons to go with a photographer who specializes in boudoir:

1) Experience. The number one reason that you want to hire a boudoir specialist is for their experience. A photographer who has specialized in boudoir for a while has likely photographed hundreds of women. This experience means that he or she will know how to get the best shots of you, no matter what. They will know how to photograph many different body types and outfits and make them all look great! A boudoir specialist will also be calm and help you feel relaxed during the shoot. A photographer shooting boudoir for the first time might be just as nervous as you are! You want to work with someone who can put you at ease.

2) Knowing how to pose you. Boudoir posing is different than posing for any other type of photography - it’s different than family portraits and wedding photography. During a boudoir shoot, 3 inches one way versus 3 inches the other way can mean looking 10 lbs lighter or 10 lbs heavier in your photos. You want to book with someone who knows the difference! A boudoir specialist is much more likely to know good boudoir posing than someone who just shoots boudoir occasionally.

3) Location, location, location. What they say about real estate also applies to boudoir photography! A boudoir photography specialist will have a dedicated boudoir studio with all of the right furniture and props. Do you want to have your boudoir shoot in someone’s home or basement? No! You want to be in a professional space for a luxury experience and the best photos possible. Some photographers may also offer to do a boudoir shoot in a hotel room. You should be aware that it is often illegal to run a business out of a hotel room. You want to book with a photographer who has a professional, dedicated boudoir studio (hint, check out Chicago Boudoir Photography’s luxury studio HERE!).

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