You don't have to bare it all at Chicago Boudoir Photography

Hello Chicago!
The polar vortex is going to be over tomorrow and we can all thaw out a bit! In fact, I just checked my weather app and it says high of 56F for Monday - I’ll take it!

One of the questions I get all the time about doing a boudoir shoot at Chicago Boudoir Photography is about wardrobe. What should I bring? What looks good? What would you recommend? Where should I shop?

And the answer to these questions is really simple - you can wear WHATEVER YOU WANT to your photo shoot! Yes, you are welcome to bring whatever makes you feel beautiful for your shoot!

I’m going to let you in on a secret - it doesn’t even have to be lingerie! Yes, a boudoir shoot is most often associated with wearing lingerie. But there are definitely other options!

You can bring an off-the-shoulder sweater, shorts, a lace dress, a tank top, a robe - whatever you love!

Of course, I do have some opinions on what looks best on camera and will also send you a prep guide before you come into your shoot. But really, this is YOUR shoot and you are welcome to bring clothing that YOU love!

Miss B came into the photo studio and wanted to wear a sexy off-the-shoulder sweater and a tank top for her two outfits. She totally rocked her shoot and looks absolutely gorgeous. Check our her images in the slideshow below!

So be confident in choosing what YOU want to wear for your boudoir shoot. You can always bring multiple outfits to your shoot and we’ll make a plan together before we shoot.

Can’t wait to see what you bring to the studio!

xo Liz