Boudoir photo shoot with a guitar at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio

A gorgeous mom came to my studio yesterday for her boudoir shoot. She was nervous, but excited. She hadn’t told her husband what she was doing. She dropped the kids off at school, grabbed her pre-packed bag of lingerie and heels and then snuck her husband’s prized guitar out of the house. He loves that guitar and would be mad if he knew she was taking it somewhere … but this was all for a good cause! Boudoir photos with the guitar! For him! I love how the shoot turned out. Ms. A totally rocked her shoot. She wanted something a bit moody and sultry and we totally got that with the guitar! Check out her photos below. (And yes, since I couldn’t pick between the color and the black and white versions, I posted both!)

Are you ready to book YOUR photo shoot? What kind of prop would you bring to your boudoir shoot? I love creativity! We can’t wait to have you in the studio!

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And here are some collages of the same guitar boudoir photos, just for fun :)