After shooting hundreds of women at the boudoir studio, I've noticed something about boudoir photo shoots: some unexpected side effects.  Boudoir shoots can cause things like increased confidence and feelings of empowerment. This is the reason why I shoot boudoir - I love watching women feel transformed by their own beauty and walking out of the studio with an extra bounce in their step!

A boudoir shoot can be an experience that leaves women empowered to recognize their true beauty and their real power.  A boudoir shoot unleashes a sense of confidence and self-worth that was always there but that may have been lurking under layers of doubt and shame. Some women report coming out of a boudoir shoot with the power to get a new job, move past a painful memory or to fall in love again!

I call this the “boudoir side effect.” You might come into the studio for some photos, but you leave with something more.

Are you ready for YOUR boudoir experience?  Can't wait to have you in the studio!  

xoxo Liz

PS Check out this photos from a shoot I had this week! She described her experience at Chicago Boudoir Photography like this: “I had a fantasy photo session with Liz! My pictures came out amazing, she made me feel so comfortable and gave such good direction. It was such a great experience.”