Guest Post: A Tribute to Boudoir from a Grateful Husband

This guest post is from Reed; I’m Liz’s husband. The tl;dr of this post is that the gift album my wife gave me of her boudoir shoot was the BEST present she has EVER given me.

There was that one day when Liz came home and there was something extra dazzling about her overall look. Of course I have a gorgeous wife, but there was clearly something extra special going on that day. I asked her why she was looking so styled up and she said that she had just let her hair and makeup artist friend try out something on her. Looking back, I should have caught her quiet giggle and noticed how quickly she changed the subject. I also totally missed the totally obvious clue: I WAS MARRIED TO A BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER! It was really just a matter of time before this very wise decision I’d made to marry Liz would pay off this way.

A couple of weeks later, for Valentines Day, Liz gave me the album with the images from her shoot that I didn’t know had happened. I was surprised and blown away with how fantastic she looked. She had always done such amazing work with all the women clients she’d had, but I’d never expected to be on the receiving end of her work. She really rocked that shoot and came out looking like a supermodel— and she was coming home to me!


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