Things to do in Chicago in the winter: 1. Boudoir Shoot

Chicago winters are so cold and depressing— and it looks like with today’s storm we’ve just kicked off ANOTHER long one. There are months ahead of wet feet, grey skies and the constant whoosh of the Chicago wind. People flat out go crazy being stuck inside waiting for spring to come. For mental health a girl has to get out of the house and do something! Yes, there’s still hope to fix those winter blues.

So what are the best things to do in Chicago in the winter?

At Chicago Boudoir Photography we agree that the number one thing that you can do in Chicagoland is to treat yourself to a beauty spa experience at our cozy and luxurious studio. You’ll get dolled up by our expert Hair and Makeup professionals and then work with Liz as she guides you through a high-end shoot where you look like an 11 on a scale of 1-10.

Come experience what we can deliver and you’ll see that the list of best things to do in Chicago this winter season starts AND ends with a high-end boudoir shoot.

Why is a Boudoir shoot the thing to do in the winter?

Liz has delivered a fantastic experience for hundreds of ladies who want to deliver an over-the-top gift to their number one lover OR ladies who simply want to remember that they have a beautiful body hidden under all of those warm layers of clothing. Boudoir is for every lady, no matter your age, shape or relationship status. Every woman walks away from their shoot with images that remind them that they are smokin’ hot enough to beat the cold!

Treat yourself today!