Boudoir Expectations vs. Reality

One of the most fun parts of my job is helping put my clients at ease with their experience. I almost take time with my clients to carefully walk through everything that will happen the day of the shoot. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about what happens in a boudoir shoot. At the very least I want you to know what happens when you book a shoot with Chicago Boudoir Photography!

When I was new to shooting boudoir I had my own misconceptions about what went on in a pinup shoot. I thought it might be a kind of skeezy experience, with greasy male cameramen shooting in a creepy basement somewhere, but that proved not to be the case. I’m about as far away from “skeezy” as it comes. I’d describe the studio as the luxurious environment at a salon or a spa. As I’ve opened my studio I can’t emphasize enough the lengths I go to create an encouraging environment that’s energizing for everyone involved.

I’ve had clients tell me they were relieved that everyone working at the studio wasn’t also wearing lingerie! I’m sure they got the thought from seeing many other websites where the owners were in lingerie on their “About Me” page (for the record, not something I would ever do). Now we all are smart enough to reason that these other boudoir owners don’t just hang around all day running a studio dressed in their underwear, but it kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? The fact is that I’m most comfortable in “athleisure” when I’m shooting, kind of like what I’d wear to meet a friend at a coffee shop casually.

Ladies who elect to have their makeup down by our expert hair and makeup techs usually arrive 1-2 hours in advance and get themselves looking great. This really is a specialized skill to get your hair and look just right for the kinds of shooting I do.

There’s a wide variety of what women want to show in their boudoir shoots, up to and including wanting to do a boudoir shoot with modest attire in line with orthodox religious beliefs. Yes I can make that happen! On the other end of the spectrum I go up to the point of implied nudity; this isn’t a Hustler shoot :). We have fun though! Every shoot produces super sexy images as I help you bring your inner hot self out.

I’ve become an expert on just about every style and brand of lingerie just by seeing it in action I actually have a guide you can look at here. I also have a lot of experience with non-traditional outfits and props. I’m happy to chat more, I’ve got some great stories!

The shoot itself takes 30 to 60 minutes. I’ll have you moving and posing around the studio with different positions and backdrops. We may pause to make outfit changes. You’ll wonder why I think it’s so important your elbow is bent for this shot or why you need to arch your back for another. Trust me on this, some positions may feel like contortions, but such is the price of beauty. It’s quite a ride!

My clients always want to know what happens after the shoot, like when do they get their images and other albums for delivery. Well good news! I’m able to deliver your retouched digital images the day of your shoot, before you leave the studio! Printed items arrive in 2 weeks. Finally you get to share the images with whomever you want, however you want!

I love this job where I get to work with so many strong and beautiful women!

Shoot me a note and let’s get this party started!

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