Chicago Boudoir Photography featured on the The Chicago Hustle Podcast

Hi! Are you a podcast listener? I absolutely love podcasts and listen to a lot of them, especially when I’m doing boring stuff around the house like dishes and laundry. Some of my favorite podcasts focus on entrepreneurship, business ownership and female empowerment. If you’re a podcast listener, I’d love to hear in the comments what some of your favorite podcasts are - I’m always looking for new content to listen to!

On Monday, I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the podcast “The Chicago Hustle” with host Edward Terres. His podcast focuses on entrepreneurship and small business owners in the Chicago area. He describes his podcast this way: “Highlighting the struggle, successes, and overall journey of Chicagoans through their hustle.”

The Chicago Hustle Podcast

Here is a photo of the “The Chicago Hustle” podcast host, Edward Terres:

Edward Terres Chicago

In our interview, Edward asked me about how I got started, what I love about running a photo studio, how I find clients and most importantly, how to pronounce the word “boudoir” ;) I really enjoyed the conversation I had with Edward and hearing about his knowledge about how business and real estate intersect. He has a genuine interest in learning about business owners and what makes them tick.

Recently, Edward has interviewed several business owners who are part of Bossy Chicago, a Chicago area directory of women-owned businesses. I am also a Bossy Chicago member and love hearing about other women who are running businesses!

Click here to listen to the interview:

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xo Liz