Chicago Boudoir Photography featured on Boudoir International!

Excited today to share Chicago Boudoir Photography’s feature on the Boudoir International blog!

Boudoir International Blog features Chicago Boudoir Photography

Boudoir International describes their mission in this way:

Boudoir International was created by Kimberlee West and Marissa Boucher, the owners of The Boudoir Divas Inc. The Boudoir Divas’ studio receives hundreds of inquiries and THOUSANDS of visitors to their website from potential clients who are thinking about booking a boudoir shoot, and some of these clients aren’t able to travel to San Diego to come to their studio. So Marissa and Kimberlee decided to create this boudoir referral list as an easy way for women to find an established boudoir photographer in their city.

“Boudoir is becoming outrageously popular, and we wanted to create a way women could easily find the best of the best photographers in their area.”

-Marissa Boucher, Co-founder Boudoir International

Chicago Boudoir Photography was featured HERE with 10 tips for an unforgettable boudoir shoot!

Here are the 10 tips!

#1: It’s ok to be nervous.  Unless you’re already a lingerie model, you probably haven’t done something like this before.  But that’s part of the fun of a boudoir shoot – some of the best experiences in life come when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones a bit!

#2: Think about what you are going to do with your photos. 
Are you giving your boudoir photos as a gift?  Handing someone a USB with photos on it is not super sexy.  Instead, how about leaving a leather bound album under his pillow?  Or what about secretly hanging a giant print in the closet behind his dress shirts? Now that’s mind blowing!

#3: Try on your outfits at home. Make sure everything fits, the tags are removed and the bottoms of your shoes are clean (the soles of your shoes will show in a lot of your photos!). Bring wardrobe items that you love and make you feel sexy.

#4: Personalize your shoot. Bring something fun to personalize your boudoir shoot. How about a special mug or the heirloom necklace you wore at your wedding?  Bring anything that makes the shoot special for you!

#5: You don’t have to bare everything. An off-the-shoulder sweater can be just as sexy as a lingerie set. Your photographer will know how to make anything you bring look great on camera.

#6: Get your hair and makeup professional styled. Many boudoir photographers offer hair and makeup as part of your boudoir experience – if they do, then definitely take advantage of those services! If your photographer doesn’t offer this, then go to a beauty bar and get your hair and makeup done beforehand for that extra glam look!

#7: Get your lies ready. Not that we endorse lying … but you might need to keep this boudoir shoot a surprise. Need to explain why you’re packing up a bag of lingerie? Just say you’re taking it to the dry cleaner. Will your boyfriend be wondering why you’re coming home with gorgeous fake lashes? Say that you stopped by the mall and someone was giving out free makeovers!

#8: Hire a photographer that you trust. Getting boudoir photos taken is a personal experience, so you want to go with a photographer you trust. Read online reviews and talk to the photographer on the phone. Don’t be shy about asking lots of questions! The best way to find a photographer is to go off of a personal recommendation from someone who has already gone to the studio you’re looking into – you can also check out Boudoir International for a list of photographers in your area!

#9: And then trust your photographer!  After you’ve booked your shoot, take a deep breath and let your photographer take control.  They will know how to pose and light you to get the most flattering images.  Trust your photographer and their artistic vision!

#10: Make plans to go out after your shoot! Do something fun the night after your shoot – you’re going to look gorgeous and feel empowered – don’t let that amazing energy go to waste!

Thanks so much for the feature, Boudoir International! xo Liz