Chicago Boudoir Photography - 3 Tips Before Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

3 Cosmetic Treatments to Consider Before Your Photo Shoot

At Chicago Boudoir Photography, our mission is to empower women through beautiful portraits.  A boudoir photo shoot is a confidence-building experience like nothing else!

We believe you’re beautiful just the way you are! We have photographed hundreds of women at the studio and they all look gorgeous.  We believe that sexy is an attitude, not an age or size! Some women want to do a few things before their shoot to make sure they feel ready and confident in front of the camera.  Here are a couple of ideas of cosmetic beauty treatments to consider before your boudoir photo shoot.

Salon Manicure and Pedicure

In a boudoir photo shoot, your hands and feet will show in many of your photos.  We always recommend a professional salon manicure and pedicure before your boudoir shoot.

I’m often asked about which nail polish colors to select for a boudoir shoot.  The short answer, is there is no wrong color! Pick a color that you love and that goes with the look you want in your shoot.  Are you a natural girl and want a lot of your pictures to be barefoot? Then you might want to select a nude or pink polish color.  Are you looking to be extra glam and to wear peep-toe heels during your shoot? Then I would suggest a bright red nail color. Either way works fine - just pick a nail polish color you love and we’ll make sure that it looks great in your photos.

Teeth Whitening and/ or Veneers

Teeth whitening is one of those treatments that will make you look great in your boudoir photos, but will also last for a long time afterward.  If you are doing a boudoir shoot for your wedding, take advantage and get teeth whitening that will look great for your boudoir shoot and will also last until your wedding day!  

We recommend a dentist near our studio in Winnetka, Dr. John Skowron, who offers both in-office and take-home whitening treatment at his practice.

If you have more severe stains or damage to your teeth, the dentist can also set you up with porcelain veneers to restore the natural beauty of your smile.

Eyebrow Waxing and/ or Threading

We always recommend professional shaping and grooming of your eyebrows before you arrive at the studio.  Professionally shaped eyebrows will enhance the look of the eye makeup that our artist will apply and will help to draw attention to your eyes, which will be a stunning focal point in your photos.  Both waxing and threading are good choices. Threading is a good choice if you have particularly sensitive skin, as the wax might cause irritation. Whichever method you choose, we recommend allowing two days before your photo shoot for any redness to dissipate.

Do you have other questions about how to prep for your boudoir shoot?  Feel free to reach out - we love to chat and answer questions. Can’t wait to have you in the studio!

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