Empowering Women In Industry Chicago features Chicago Boudoir Photography

The Chicago Boudoir Photography studio is proud to be featured today with Empowered Women in Industry!

This organization has a remarkable mission to empower women who work in traditionally male-dominated spheres.

From the Empowering Women in Industry website:

“Our mission is to connect and educate women that will inspire the next generation of leaders. We will discuss opportunities and issues we handle every day as well as learn skills to strengthen our voice as Women in Industry! “

I am proud to be a raffle sponsor for their big even this fall! Besides Chicago Boudoir Photography, many other sponsors are coming together to empower the next generation of industry leaders!

Scroll down to read what Charli Matthews, the founder of the Women In Industry organization had to say about how empowering a photo shoot can be:

Empowering Women in Industry Chicago Boudoir Photography

“This week on Empowering Women in Industry, we promoted the owner of Chicago Boudoir, our raffle sponsor for the September 2019 Conference. Liz Hansen, Owner & Photographer at Chicago Boudoir @chicago.boudoir has a mission to help women feel empowered and confident through beautiful portraits. When we asked Liz what she loved most about her job, she said, “The first time that a woman texted me after a photo shoot and said, “I feel like a new woman – my confidence is through the roof!” I knew that the work I was doing through photography was making a difference in women’s lives.”

This reminded me of my own “I feel like a woman” moment.  I had been going through a stressful time in business and life.  Struggling to feel like my happy self; I knew I needed a little change of environment. The idea for Empowering Women had just began to bloom, and I thought it would be a great time to channel my “inner woman”. 

To continue reading her post about her own photo shoot experience, hop over to her blog HERE.

Thank you, Charli for all that you are doing to empower women and for being a voice of leadership in the 21st century! Chicago Boudoir Photography is proud to be a small part of your mission and your success!