Ask Chicago Boudoir Photography - Will you post my photos online?


One of the most common questions I get about doing a boudoir shoot is this:

“I’m a school teacher. There is NO WAY that my boudoir photos can be on the internet. Will you post them? I see lots of photos on your website.”

I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from! And the answer is NO! We will NEVER post your boudoir photos online. Getting a boudoir shoot done is a private experience and we will make absolutely sure that it stays that way. What happens in the boudoir studio stays in the boudoir studio!

As far as the images that you see on our website - these ladies aren’t school teachers ;) And they gave explicit permission for me to share their boudoir images on my site (they even signed a form saying that it was ok). If you don’t give permission for us to post your photos, then your photos will NOT be shared. Ever. We take your privacy very seriously!

Thanks for the question! Anything else on your mind? Give me a call or a text at 312.448.8889

Liz @ Chicago Boudoir Photography