"...I am so sexually recharged, it's crazy!"

From a recent boudoir shoot:

Chicago Boudoir Photography Review

“So… I am so sexually recharged it’s crazy. I’ve never felt this way before. I think the pictures have helped me see my body and myself in a different way and have given me a helluva lot of confidence. I also absolutely love watching my husband look at the pictures too. We are both so incredibly grateful to you. Thank you!”

Can’t you believe all that from just a photo shoot?!

Because that’s the thing - boudoir is MORE than just a photo shoot!

Many of the women who come to the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio are doing boudoir for the first time. Often they think that they’re not “good enough” or “thin enough” or “whatever enough” to get in front of the camera. It is my special privilege to help every woman who comes to my studio to see their true beauty!

After an invigorating photo shoot and having previewed their photos, women leave my studio with a new spring in their step because they feel a superb confidence in who they are and how they look. I don’t claim to be a therapist but I do use my camera to help women feel empowered!

See for yourself!

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