Personalizing Your Boudoir Photo Shoot with Meaningful Items - Chicago Boudoir Photography

Hi there! I am loving this amazing summer weather we’re having here in Chicago. The winters here are terrible (not going to lie), but I absolutely love summers in Chicago! I hope that you’re having a great summer!

I wanted to share a really fun session I had recently at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio. I always encourage my clients to bring something to personalize their boudoir photo shoot, such as a mug, a meaningful piece of jewelry, a sports jersey or their wedding shoes. Bringing a personal item makes your boudoir shoot all the more meaningful for you and/or your significant other. It can add color, meaning and spice to your boudoir pictures!

This gorgeous woman brought in gear from her husband’s race car driving hobby! He is really involved with racing and even customizes cars to be race ready. She brought his racing helmet and heavy leather jacket. It was so fun to incorporate these pieces into her shoot! I love how the blue visor on the helmet provides a fun pop of color in her photos.

Check out these fun boudoir images from her shoot:

chicago boudoir photography racecar

Here’s my very favorite photo from her shoot:

race car chicago boudoir photography

Here’s the same photo, but in color. I often prefer black and white photos, but I’ve noticed that my clients usually choose color - which do you prefer?

marni-21 2.jpg

Here are some other ideas for bring a personal item to your boudoir photo shoot. What item would you want to bring to personalize your boudoir shoot?

Sports jersey

She and her husband are a huge Patriots fans!

sports jersey boudoir photo shoot chicago


She and her boyfriend had taken a trip to Paris together!

bouree hat paris souvenir chicago boudoir photography


She snuck her husband’s guitar out of his closet for this shoot! And put it back inthe closet before he got home from work that night ;)

guitar boudoir shoot chicago boudoir photography


This was a pair that she had worn to a very meaningful event for her and her husband.

red shoes boudoir chicago

Baseball bat

Her whole family is really into baseball!

baseball bat chicago boudoir


A mug that her fiance gave to her early in their relationship.

mug i belong with you chicago boudoir photography


There was some kind of inside joke between her and her boyfriend with this book.

richard nixon book chicago boudoir

Wedding veil

wedding veil chicago boudoir photography bridal boudoir

Vintage Camera

Photography is one of her hobbies and this vintage camera belonged to her dad!

vintage camera chicago boudoir photography african american woman

Cowboy boots

cowboy boots chicago boudoir photography white bed

White shirt

This was one of her boyfriend’s work shirts.

mens white shirt chicago boudoir photography


She’s wearing her engagement and wedding rings on her left hand and then anniversary bands on her right hand.

chicago boudoir studio jewelry

Which personalized item is your favorite? What item would you be most likely to bring to a boudoir shoot! Let me know in the comments or call/text me at 312.448.8889 - I always love to hear from you! xo Liz