Krysten's real-life experience at Chicago Boudoir Photography

Krysten came into the boudoir studio yesterday for a shoot and had such a fun time, she blogged all about it!

In her own words, here’s what she had to say:

I lived out my dream of becoming a Victoria's Secret model and I am so thrilled!

I had the pleasure of working with Liz from Chicago Boudoir Photography (link to website) on a boudoir shoot this past week. Now as much as Jordan appreciates it and was excited for it, I really did this for myself. I'm not the thinnest I've ever been and while I'm trying to get back into a workout routine and lose weight/tone up, I knew that I had to get out of my comfort zone and do this kind of shoot, for ME and only me! My goal for 2019 is to challenge myself, do things that scare me and step out of my comfort zone, so I thought I'd start early.

So what to expect from a boudoir photoshoot??

Before: Liz did an awesome job of communicating with me before the shoot. She was extremely flexible with scheduling the shoot, sent over all information regarding hair and makeup, and truly got me excited to shoot! I looked through her incredible online gallery (link to gallery) and the whole time I was thinking "That's going to be me??!!" I was so excited to have her work her magic. I'm a big Type A person and of course while I was excited, I was also wondering, "How the heck do I prepare for something like this??" Once again, Liz came through, not only with her FAQs online (link to homepage), but her extremely helpful and detailed prep list (link to prep list). I felt totally prepared and honestly comfortable when it was time to shoot!

The Studio: Liz's studio is super easy to find in adorable downtown (ish) Winnetka. It's so aesthetically pleasing and has a ton of different settings for photos. She also has an adorable changing room/makeup room where I got my hair and makeup done by the amazing Kate Johnson Artistry (link to Kate’s website). She had water and La Croix for me while I was getting ready, and yes, had red bottomed shoes in every size!!!! She also had veils and jewelry and bridal garters that I could borrow for props, although I was encouraged to bring my own. She also had a few different lace robes, a men's white shirt, and sports jersey, so you could style your shoot exactly the way you wanted.

The Shoot: Once hair and makeup was done, I was feeling amazing and ready to see how the shoot was going to happen! Liz and I went through the outfits I had brought and she picked out which ones she thought would work best. We paired outfits, shoes, and jewelry, I changed, and then she started to work her magic.

Now, I am not a model. I don't know my angles, I don't know how to pose for boudoir, but Liz took care of everything! She literally showed me every single pose she wanted, down to how my hands should look, and moving my hair into the right place. She also was not afraid to get on the bed, or the fur rug, and show me exactly the pose she wanted before helping me into the pose. She also showed me the photos she was taking as we went along, so I was hyped up and knew I was looking good! She was also such a good hype man during the shoot. The whole time she was so encouraging, saying things like "Oh my gosh Krysten this is amazing!" "Stunning!" "You're killing it!" etc.

I can honestly say I did not want the shoot to be over, I was having so much fun! I felt so beautiful and empowered and I really didn't want it to end.

My Photos: Once the shoot was over, I went back into the changing room and packed up all my stuff and went back to my true form in sweatpants. Now, if you get ANYTHING from this blog post, aside from the fact that everyone should do a boudoir shoot, like, once a year, it's the fact that once I was packed up and all ready, Liz HAD MY PHOTOS READY FOR ME. Some photographers take like, 6 weeks to get your images back to you, but she literally had my entire gallery in a slideshow with some sassy music behind me to show me before I left! It was the perfect end to a perfect morning because I got to see myself be the girl in those gallery photos and it was so worth it. Liz also has some really fun photo albums and such you can buy for yourself, your significant other, your coworkers (lol just kidding), so you really start envisioning your sexy photos in those albums! 

Final Thoughts: Overall, I could not be happier with Chicago Boudoir Photography, Liz, and my photos. I feel sexy, confident, and beautiful and I'm amazed that she made me look that good. I'm literally obsessed with my photos. Something to keep in mind is that your boudoir shoot is just that, it's YOURS. I chose lingerie pieces that were high waisted or one piece, only because that's what I feel comfortable in. You can wear your wedding shoes, your man's soccer jersey, literally anything or nothing at all and you are guaranteed to get beautiful, jaw dropping photos that you can cherish for years and years. I truly think everyone should do a boudoir shoot at least once in their lives!

I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Liz from Chicago Boudoir Photography. Without you none of these images would have been possible. I love them, thank you SO MUCH.

Check out her write up of her boudoir experience on her blog HERE

Here’s just one of Krysten’s fun photos: