Review of Chicago Boudoir Photography - "My husband's jaw hit the floor"

Rebecca had her 10-year anniversary coming up and she really wanted to do a fun photo shoot with her husband with the Chicago skyline in the background. Her in a flowy dress, him in a new suit — she had it all planned out. Rebecca hadn’t loved her engagement photos when she got married 10 years ago, so getting some professional shots of them together as a couple was important to her. But, her husband was dragging his feet about it (why are most men reluctant to have their photo taken?!). So she struck a deal with him. She would do a boudoir shoot if he would do the skyline shoot. Done! Rebecca came into the Chicago Boudoir studio for her boudoir shoot and had a great time! When her husband saw the album, I think he realized what a great deal he got out of this bargain.

Here’s what Rebecca wrote in her review of the experience at Chicago Boudoir:

“Working with Liz was a dream! She has an eye for angles and light that really make a woman shine. She put me at ease doing something totally out of my comfort zone with her professionalism and expertise. I had the best time capturing our photos, and my husband’s jaw hit the floor when he saw the finished product.”


Here’s just one photo from Rebecca’s shoot. I love how this shot highlights her wedding and engagement rings! Perfect to celebrate her anniversary.


What kind of a deal can you strike with your husband to come in for a fun boudoir photo shoot? Can’t wait to hear from you! xo Liz