Boudoir photography - maybe you’ve heard of it already or maybe you’re like, “How is that word BOUDOIR pronounced anyway?” (Hint: bood-war). Boudoir is just a fancy word that photographers use to describe a Victoria Secret style photo shoot for the everyday woman. Usually a boudoir shoot involves a woman wearing lingerie and posing in a bedroom to create seductive or sexy images. But boudoir photography is more than that! A boudoir photo shoot is a fun way to celebrate your own beauty and gain confidence. Many women point to a boudoir shoot as a confidence-building experience.

Nicole said about her boudoir photo experience:

“I've always wondered what it would be like to be the beautiful girl in the pictures but I never dreamed I would be one! Liz made me feel beyond beautiful. From the moment I walked in it was all about me. I was a super model for a day!  I don't think of myself as being very photogenic but she made it so easy. I walked into her studio nervous with a bit of excitement, I walked out confident and fierce! I felt so empowered. I can't wait to see my photos, I know they turned out great. I think everyone woman should have this experience at least once because who doesn't like to feel beautiful?! I will definitely be back.”

A couple of reasons why women come into the studio for a boudoir shoot:
1) Bridal boudoir - Give your groom the best give ever! A gorgeous album of images of YOU! You can also bring fun bridal items to your boudoir shoot like your veil, wedding shoes and wedding jewelry!

2) Anniversary gift - I’ve heard many women say: “We’ve been together 10 years (or 15 or 20 years!) and it’s impossible to come up with gift ideas anymore. A boudoir album was the ultimate gift! He said it was the best gift anyone had ever given him!”

3) Celebrate a milestone birthday - Are you turning 30, 40 or even 50! Come celebrate at the boudoir studio. It’s like a girls’ day out getting your hair and make-up done at our boudoir studio.

4) Just for fun! - You don’t need a special occasion to come into the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio! Boudoir is for every woman!

Questions? Nervous about doing something like this? Give us a call/text at 312.448.8889 - we can’t wait to hear from you!