We have partnered with a local beauty team to provide exceptional hair and makeup services at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio.

Professional hair and makeup is the first part of an incredible, empowering experience at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio and will give your photos that extra GLAM look! Plan for 60-90 minutes for professional hair, makeup and lashes. You will want to wear a top that buttons or zips down the front so that you can change without messing up your hair and makeup.


Plan to arrive at the studio with your hair clean and dry.

The most common look for boudoir hair is loose, beachy waves. The artist will use dry styling and hot tools (curling iron, flat iron etc) to achieve a super sexy hair look for you. The artist won’t blow-dry your hair or pin it into an up-do.


Plan to arrive at the studio with your face clean and makeup free.

Be sure to let the makeup artist know if you have any allergies, sensitivities or special requests.

Feel free to bring inspiration photos to help guide the artist to the look you love.

The signature look for boudoir photo shoots is a subtle smokey eye, eyeliner, false lashes, sun-kissed cheeks and a nude or pink lip.


For your boudoir shoot, you are probably going to want to wear more makeup than you normally would. This is your chance to dial it up a bit! That being said, the makeup artist will be more than happy to follow your lead and make sure you get the look you want. Do you want to go with a super natural look? Or a bright red lip? Either way is fine! Before the makeup artist puts anything on your face, she will talk to you and make sure you are both on the same page. This is YOUR shoot and YOUR chance to shine!

After the makeup artist applies your makeup, she will have you look in the mirror for a fun reveal moment! She will ask if you want anything edited. Don’t be afraid to ask for any changes - the makeup artist wants you to love your look and is happy to modify anything before she adds the final setting spray.

Many women worry about blemishes or small bruises showing in their photos. Don’t worry - whatever can’t be covered with makeup can always be retouched. More info about photo retouching is HERE.


Fake lashes give your eyes the super glamorous look that you are going to want in your boudoir photos. The makeup artist will use a type of glue-on lashes that look very natural on camera. The artist will also apply mascara to your real lashes.

If you’ve never worn lashes before, they may feel heavy at first. But after the lashes are fully dry (about 5-6 minutes), you will hardly notice they are there.

When you want to remove the lashes, just rub gently with warm water and/or makeup remover and they will slide right off.

Most women want to wear fake lashes for their boudoir shoot, but if you don’t want to wear them, that’s fine too! Just chat with the artist when you’re in the studio. Fake lashes are included with makeup application (no additional charge).