Imagine coming into the photo studio and having gorgeous portraits created. Then, imagine pairing those photos with a beautiful poem. Words and images together - both carefully crafted to celebrate YOU!

This timeless combination is now available! Chicago Boudoir Photography has partnered with the award-winning poet Cin Salach from poemgrown to provide custom poetry to accompany your boudoir photos.



Kristen came to the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio recently for a photo shoot and we captured some amazing photos. Then after her shoot, she had a custom poem written to celebrate her new-found confidence.

Check out her poem below, paired with one of her photos:

chicago boudoir photography poetry

Here’s the text of Kristen’s custom poem:

Worth It…

I see the gorgeous
shining out now from my skin
like a new mirror.
A stunning invitation.
An exquisite reminder

of My. Own Power.
Those breasts? And those legs? That pose?
They are the me you
rarely get to see because
I keep the door closed, lights out.

Until now that is.
No more hiding in the dark.
No more playing small.
I’m living my strength out loud.
Living my beauty out loud.

Living me out loud.
Take a double take if you
need to. I’m worth it.
This love is bold and fearless.
My gift to you…and to me.

written by cin salach
on the occasion of Kristen
September, 2019

WANT A POEM OF YOUR OWN? Here’s how it works:

1) Come into the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio for your fun photo shoot.

2) See your gorgeous photos and order a package that includes a custom poem.

3) Next, the poet will contact you personally for a brief interview. The information you provide will be used by the poet to craft a custom poem that celebrates you, your occasion and your photos. You can provide as much or as little detail as you would like.

4) The first draft of your custom poem will be delivered to you. You can work with the poet on revisions until the poem is perfect.

5) Your poem will be printed on frameable paper or included in your photo album for you to enjoy for years to come.



Cin Salach is the award-winning poet behind poemgrown and will write your custom poem. She specializes in creating poetry that celebrate people and events - a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a beginning or an ending.



Liz Hansen is the owner and photographer at Chicago Boudoir Photography. She creates fierce and feminine portraits of every woman who comes to the studio.