Photo boxes - Gift idea for your boudoir photos from Chicago Boudoir Photography

I’m excited to introduce you to a new product line at the Chicago Boudoir Photography studio: photo boxes. Photo boxes are a fabulous way to display your boudoir photos and are a fun addition to our collection of photo albums and books. The photo boxes make for a fabulous gift!

We offer two kinds of photo boxes: 1) the Glass Keepsake Box and 2) the Lock and Key Box.

Glass Keepsake Box

The glass keepsake box has metal edges, glass on all sides and a metal pin closure. You can choose between rose gold, yellow gold or silver. The photos come printed on metallic paper and mounted on thin archival cardstock. The glass keepsake box has an elegant and vintage vibe!

boudoir photos in a box

Lock & Key Box

The lock and key box actually locks! So don’t lose the key ;) This is a really fun way to have your boudoir photos “out in the open",” without anyone actually seeing them. One client described it to me like this: “Having my boudoir photos in that shiny black box is like me wearing fancy lingerie under my work clothes. Only I know about the sexiness that’s underneath!”

The box features a black lacquer finish, an interior plate that can be engraved and a crystal USB drive to store your digital images.

boudoir photos in a box
boudoir photos in a locked box chicago boudoir
chicago boudoir photography photos in a locked box

I’m really excited about these photo box options - which would you choose for your boudoir photos?

I love to chat - give me a call / text anytime! I’m at 312.448.8889. xo Liz